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If You are Here it’s Because You are Curious.

Is yoga about bendy people showing off? Is yoga more efficient with 100$ pants? Will I be judged if I can’t touch my toes? Yoga has been marketed a certain way, but at Anjali mudra Yoga we want to teach you about this ancient tradition. Please visit ‘What is Yoga’ for more information.

Total Relaxation Yoga Anjali Mudra Yoga LavalWhen you visit us at the studio you will meet our teachers who will guide you in a movement practice. Most of the classes include contemplation, meditation, chanting and philosophy. But don’t worry we prefer a slower pace and take the time to describe things in an easily understandable way.

People of all capabilities and flexibility can enjoy the classes. Our teachers are trained to understand how different bodies move and we adjust the postures with the use of yoga props to help each student feel supported and to feel the accomplishment and benefits of yoga.

Benefits of Yoga

Anjali Mudra Yoga Logo

Anjali Mudra Yoga Logo

  • Relaxation
  • Increased flexibility
  • Increased strength
  • A sense of calm
  • The opportunity to interact with a community
  • Awareness of breathing and increased breathing capacity
  • Calming of the nervous system
  • Joy
  • Laughter
  • Fun

What to Wear? What to Bring?

Change Rooms at Anjali Mudra Yoga LavalYoga can be done in any comfortable flexible clothing. Yoga is done barefoot on a mat called a sticky mat. If you are prone to moist hands please bring a towel. The towel is placed at the front of your mat and goes under the hands in the postures, particularly downward dog, to prevent slipping. It is a good idea to bring water bottle, but if you forget water is available at the studio.

We have three changing rooms and one bathroom at the studio. There are cubbies to keep your possessions. AMY is not responsible for lost or stolen property, but the cubbies are in view throughout the class and there is only one yoga studio at AYM.

It is a good idea to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your class so you can change and set up your mat. The doors open 25 minutes before class. You are welcomed to enjoy tea and conversation before or after class, in our lounge. There is reading material and we also have books and yoga props for sale in our boutique.

If you don’t have a yoga mat you can purchase one or you may rent one for 1$ per use. Please use our spray bottles to clean your mat after class. Rest assured the mats are washed more thoroughly once a month. Props, such as blankets are also washed. If you wish to store your mat at the studio you can do so for 5$ a month. Please write your name on your mat when leaving it at the studio.

Massage Treatments at Anjali Mudra Yoga LavalWe have a treatment room, which is available for massage, coaching, private yoga or therapeutic yoga. Please see private sessions for more details.

We are so glad you have decided to take this leap into the world of yoga. We will support and guide you throughout the practice and you will no longer feel like a newcomer, but instead like a member of our community.