Mudra Practice for Intuition with Angela Chiarella

Mudra practice for Intuition Always sit with a tall spine, close the eyes and gaze inwards at the third eye and us e a long a slow breath unless otherwise indicated. 1-Mudra for releasing anxiety HARKANAM SAT NAM 2-Mudra for help with a grave situation HUMEE HUM, BRAHAM, HUM BRAHAM HUM 3-Mudra for trust: HAR [...]

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5 Yogic Principles and 8 Stages of Yoga with Angela Chiarella

5 Yogic Principles Asana- Postures Pranayama- Breathing techniques Savasana- Relaxation Sattvic- Proper healthy diet Dhyana- Regular meditation 8 Stages of Yoga Yamas- Observances towards others Ahimsa- Non Violence (Mudra for eliminating fear)         Satya- Truthfulness (Mudra for right speech) Navel level         Asteya- Non stealing (Mudra for inner integrity). [...]

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Mudra Mediation History with Angela Chiarella

History of Mudras - Mudras are 5000 years old and originating in Egypt. They were used in rituals performed by the high priests and priestesses. They were also one of the many healing modalities used by the Egyptians and used in prayer and communication with the gods. Mudras were seen in the hieroglyphs and sculptures. [...]

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Mudra Practice with Angela Chiarella

  I was taught meditation techniques in childhood to ease an anxiety disorder. Being someone with anxiety has been at times challenging but it also brought me to many practices of self-exploration. I began yoga at 18 and only had access to books and videos in the beginning. I explored yoga and it’s many traditions [...]

Releasing tension for a better breath

This video gives some stretches to help both the primary and secondary respiratory muscles to relax. You will also learn how to release the fascia or connective tissue. Being able to breath fully and release tension of the neck shoulders and between the ribs will also help relax the parasympathetic nervous system. This will help [...]

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